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How to Make a VLOG ?

How to make a vlog ? 

How to make a good vlog is to prepare enough tools and materials. Some of which need to be prepared are: 

1. Camera Camera is one thing that is important in making a vlog, without cameras we might just be able to create a blog, write in our blog or website. There are many types of cameras that can be used such as DSLR, SLR, Digital Camera, Mirrorless, Action Cam & Phone Camera. For traveller use digital cameras, mirrorless, actioncam & handphone for easy trips without having to bother with a big camera. 
DSLR Camera
Mirrorless Camera
Action Camera

Digital Camera / Pocket Camera

2. Theme / Vlog topic Vlog topics will be the hallmark of vlogger. Each vlogger has topic that corresponds to what you want delivered. Without a good topic, it would be a little viewer vlog. A topic that can be selected as entertainment, travel, culinary, tips, tutorials and many other topics. Select the appropriate topic with our passion, because it will affect the ease and mastery of subject matter in explaining the topic. 

3. Editing After got the camera and has vlog topics then the next step is editing. Editing serves to clarify the sequence of vlog that has been recorded by the camera. Editing also makes video and audio, the better so that the message of the video can be delivered nice. Some editing software most often used are:
Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, etc.

Adobe Premiere Pro
FInal Cut Pro
Sony Vegas Pro

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