Creative Ways To Incorporate Book Storage In & Around Stairs

How to Creative Ways To Incorporate Book Storage In & Around Stairs ? 

Some pictures of Creative Ways To Incorporate Book Storage In & Around Stairs that can be applied in your home. Here are 10 images that can be used as reference bookstore and stairs design :

1. Designer: Dreihausfrauen

Conjoining two apartments in Dusseldorf, Germany, this multi-functional white and wooden staircase lets you pick a book from beside the stairs and say hello to the neighbours. Its clever ceiling-height stretch creates a feature for two apartments and residential space-saver in one.

2. Designer: Maxwan

Matching the wood of the ceiling rafters, this floating staircase matches bookshelves above and below the stairs. A few drawers and a desk let you hide away and study in a light yet secluded space

3. Designer: Studio Mieke Meijer

Dutch designer Just Haasnoot found inspiration from industrial building photography for this floating design. Halved into two oak and steel parts, the top half carries shoes, books and ornaments; the bottom half a desk, pot plants and a space for morning coffee.

4. Designer: Veran Émilie

An innovative use of space is awarded to this conjoint bedroom, bookcase, desk and staircase. As small wooden stairs lead up to the loft, books in oscillating partitions aid a good night’s sleep.

5. Designer: Gordon Walker

Mimic the lines of your staircase with wooden partitions holding books. Hanging over a nifty desk space, this design looks kitsch and study-friendly with extra cabinets for filing.

6. Designer: Marc Koehler Architects

A white pyramid bookcase doubles as a stairway to heaven in this minimalist design. A large chandelier dangles over, adding sophistication with a difference.

7. Visualizer: Design+Weld

Fit for an art gallery, this winding, floating London staircase looks ethereal beside a column of books. Aspiring to a glass-railed loft, glossy white floors and concrete walls give it added prominence.

8. Designer: Moon Hoon

Wide, space-filled stairs leave room for a library. This ascending set marks the stepping zone with blocks; a place for books and filing in the spaces inbetween.

9. Designer: Andrea Mosca

Mimicking stairs, this compartmentalised bookcase completes the ultimate rumpus room. White walls, floor and a mirror hold white and mustard couches amidst two sets of wall-held reads.

10. Visualizer: IFJ Architecture

Skilfully utilise a cramped corner with a bed beside the staircase. Interspersed between each level, a row of books decorate a room swathed all in wood.

These pictures may be useful for making stairs and bookshelves. Hopefully can be an inspiration in making your dream home